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Yes. Avionyx maintains a fully equipped facility for Validation and Verification (V&V) and software development. Our engineers and facilities are equipped with the latest technology, software tools and lab equipment. Outsourcing your project to our facility is a very cost effective solution.

Yes. Avionyx maintains a flexible staff that can assist your team at your facility with either Costa Rican or US employees as needed.

Generally, software requirements are required to provide an accurate estimate. Any other pre-existing artifacts such as source code or test cases/procedures can provide a higher confidence level. A preliminary Rough Order Of Magnitude (ROM) estimate can be provided using metrics such as number of software requirements, SLOC, cyclomatic complexity.

Every project that Avionyx manages in house has a project manager assigned. The project manager provides the client with weekly status reports and a weekly conference call. Using these tools, the client will be kept informed of the scheduled progress and details of every task.

We have taken systems through certification at every level (A-D).

All Avionyx engineering personnel have at least a 4 year College degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Electronics Engineering. More than half of the engineers have 5 year Licentiate degrees and some of our managers either have or are pursuing a master's technical or project management degree. Costa Rican universities programs teach state of the art technologies for software engineering and hardware design.

All of our US and Costa Rican Employees speak, read and write English. And since all communication at Avionyx is done in English, all Avionyx employees in our Costa Rican facility are required to demonstrate proficiency in English by passing a standardized English test. And as part of the continuous improvement philosophy at Avionyx, all Avionyx Costa Rican employees are encouraged to improve their English skills by taking advanced classes on writing and speaking.

Yes, Avionyx has developed several full-lifecycle reverse engineering projects in cases where a previously developed source code exists. For DO-178B projects, guidelines and recommendations in CAST Position Paper 18 are used.

Avionyx can develop a tool qualification package for your development or verification tools. Avionyx has developed several tools to expedite the software lifecycle and has developed significant experience on the development of tool qualification packages.

Avionyx' DO-254 training class is taught by an excellent senior DO-254 FPGA design engineer and a DO-254 DER, both of whom can provide valuable technical and real world knowledge. These classes are taught at the RTCA training facility in Washington DC and can also be taught at your location for groups of 10 or more. Although we are not yet outsourcing DO-254 projects, Avionyx can provide on-site engineering support as more than half of the engineering staff are Electronics or Electrical engineers trained in the development of complex electronics hardware (such as CPLDs, FPGAs).

Avionyx can manage and provide personnel for all software engineering activities and roles, including project management, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, design, development and verification.

Avionyx S.A. is located in a Free-Trade zone in Costa Rica which simplifies the import procedures. Small shipments to Costa Rica can be done overnight from anywhere in the continental US. Customs procedures take 2 days at the most. Large shipments may take another day or two.

US export compliance when shipping technology to Costa Rica is easier than many other countries such as India. Since opening in 2004, Avionyx has yet to have an issue relating to exporting of commercial, dual-use or ITAR-restricted technology.

All Avionyx processes are fully ISO9001:2008, AS9100 rev C and AS9600 compliant. We plan to dry run our most recent changes until we submit for registration in September 2009 and expect to receive registration no later than year end 2009.

Avionyx projects typically range from 3-10 engineers, but have required 25 or more on occasion. Although small projects can often times be staffed within 1-4 weeks (after receipt order), larger projects may take longer to ramp up.

Avionyx located in Costa Rica, which is in the Central Time Zone. Since Costa Rica does not recognize daylight savings time, it is effectively in the Mountain Time zone when daylight savings is in effect.

As a consulting company, supporting numerous clients, Avionyx must use a variety of COTS tools such as Code Warrior, Multi/Integrity, Code Composer, Nohau, MP Lab, AVR Studio, Keil, Visual Studio, Labview, Rational Test RT, Vectorcast, Visual Test, DOORS, Perforce, PVCS, RAZOR, Clearcase, Clearquest, iNotion and Contour. Avionyx also maintains an ESD lab with oscilloscopes, power supplies, logic analyzers and a variety of I/O interface boards. Additionally, Avionyx has developed a number of proprietary software engineering tools for automating and managing the software development and verification processes.

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